As a small workshop that started from zero, we developed our own knowledge, forms and skills for making furniture. Taracea, a company that still to this day is looking to do things differently, was born.

In addition to our history and our experience, there are several aspects that differentiate us from other companies. The materials we use are different and we always work with unusual woods. In this company the furniture is made of solid wood. We make a great effort to manufacture our own boards and veneers, rather than buying them from other providers.

For twenty years we have been planting trees and are the proud owners of lands that have been approved by the National Forestry Service in Mexico, contributing in this way to the reforestation of our planet. This gives us the ability to manage the full cycle of the furniture, from the planted tree to the finished product.

Our workers manufacture each piece individually, using an artisan system. This is unlike most other furniture factories where they work with mass production lines and most of the employees never see the finished piece of furniture.

We are proud to produce craftsmen, who in many cases become true artists. We are also very proud of the heart of our company, our nearly 300 workers and collaborators, but especially, we want to pay tribute to our ebanists, carvers, marquetry-makers, polishers and varnishers, that in vast majority, began working in the company without the necessary knowledge or skills and today can be called master wood workers.

As we speak today, several companies are getting rid of their means of production and closing manufacturing plants. We are not. In fact, here at Taracea we are doing the opposite. We are opening new factories and incorporating new processes, such as an upholstery factory and a hand-forged iron foundry.

We intend to be more than a furniture company. That is why we count on Taracea Custom, which allows production of more ambitious custom projects, and also, Tresca Hardwood Flooring, where we manufacture floors using our knowledge of timber management. In addition to these two companies, we have our own sawmill and produce our own lines of hardware and doors.

At Taracea we are constantly seeking a different road to achieve our goal: unique furniture in the World of High End Furniture!