The Massoud Difference   We’re not the usual furniture manufacturer. In fact, you might say that’s our defining characteristic. We’re different. Surprising. That’s the main thing “about us.” So what’s the difference?

Nobody Runs Our   Business but Us   We’re family-owned-and-operated. Not many of our competitors can say that. And the personal attention that a family gives its own business has made a real difference. 50 years of excellence have proven that again and again.   But even a family’s dedication isn’t enough. Skill is needed, too. Fortunately C. E. Massoud had a strong business background, plus a business education at S.M.U. Chuck Massoud has a business degree, also from S.M.U., as well as the experience he gained working in real estate and banking after graduation. So when he joined his father, he brought a wealth of assets along with him, including a lifetime growing up in the business itself.   People Depend on Us, Because They Know They Can   Ask almost anyone who’s done business with us what word comes to mind when you mention the name Massoud, and the response is likely to be “integrity.”

We remain firmly committed to the ethical standards that have set us apart for half a century. That means reliable customer service, responsible business practices, and honest values. Massoud is a name you can trust. Yes, others make similar claims. So we invite you to put ours to the test. You’ll see. At Massoud, we deliver. And that’s the real difference.

Made Here, Sold Here, Enjoyed Here   We’re American-made. In an era of off-shoring, all our pieces are still created right here in the U.S.A. and the result is a quality difference you sense immediately. From the kiln-dried hardwood frames to the finest leathers and fabrics to the meticulous craftsmanship, our furniture is solid. Durable. Made to last generations.   What’s more, we purchase all our materials from domestic sources; the wood, fabric, springs, foam, nails all originate in America. That means we don’t wait for these items to be shipped from abroad, so we can deliver custom orders in a remarkable 30 to 35 days. It also means that the price of a Massoud piece puts money in the pockets of American workers all around the country.

Our Style

Fads Come and Go. True Style Endures.

We’re stylistically bold. While we’ll always preserve our timeless tradition of taste, we’re not afraid to advance with the times. That’s why Ronna Griest has joined us as creative director, bringing new excitement and imagination to our lines.

Ronna has set a standard of design innovation that’s now infusing everything we do. She has an unerring sense of style and also knows how to separate the lasting from the ephemeral. So while today’s trends may inspire us, often guide us, they don’t dictate to us.   Our style is indeed our own. And while we’ll never forsake the classic designs so loved by our traditional customers, we’re also expanding our appeal and reaching out to new consumers with looks that can be customized to work in any environment.