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Charleston Forge: Our Story

We started nearly three decades ago from humble beginnings — a single hammer, a single saw, a single welder and an insatiable desire to create. Today, we enjoy a charleston forge productsreputation in the furniture industry and in our community that many would envy. We are extremely proud that we stayed the course and fought hard to survive as a family-owned, American-born, job-providing business with a shop floor covering nearly 100,000 square feet here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Our online store, CF Home, is a new project for us, another dream, another chapter with countless stories to come. It is a celebration of the craft of artists throughout the South, an opportunity for all of us to support their work and feel good about supporting America! Yeah America!!

Charleston Forge: Our Mission

Most of us have a desire for buying American and buying local when possible. With the demise of true American manufacturing, it can be difficult to find American-made goods. Over thirty years ago, we started our business in this great country and never once had any intentions of going anywhere else. Charleston Forge has been forging furniture and relationships by working side by side with some of the best designers and artists in the business. We understand and appreciate the talent and hard work of the artisans we commission. CF Home is our way of nurturing the artistic community, not just here at home but throughout the South. They have inspired us with their dreams, their determination and their art for so many years — now we’re saying thanks by sharing their work and hopefully making life better for all.

Charleston Forge Charleston Forge: Our Artist Community

Behind every piece of art there is an artist.  Behind every artist there is a story. It is the story within the artist that gives them inspiration and unharnesses their imagination, allowing them to create things that astonish us and move us. Some of the artists working with CF Home have been working with us for over 25 years, and some are newly discovered. We have sought out and carefully selected artists from all over the South in order to curate a collection of items for the discerning consumer. All of the items in the store will be in line with the high standards Charleston Forge has always maintained. The joy of this project and our new store is bringing the story of each artist directly to you. So when someone asks, “where did you find that”, the answer can be, “Let me tell you the story”…

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