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Storage options are not simply limited to closets and cupboards. Any empty space in your home can be used to create an ideal hideaway for your possessions.

Your bedroom, dining, living, and family room furniture offers affordable, functional and decorative storage options, from displaying treasured collectibles to housing towels, linens, clothes, and video equipment. A china cabinet, traditionally used to store china, can also house a gallery of photos or your children’s artwork.

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Taking Inventory
If your belongings take up every inch of available space in your home it’s time to assess what you have and where you have to put it. Taking inventory of the quantity and sizes of your items will be helpful as you tackle your storage needs. Consider these space-saving pointers:

  • Survey your entire house from top to bottom and list all possible storage areas. Storage space can be found in the most unseemly places.
  • Look for furniture that increases storage options. A drawer chest placed beside a sofa may be more practical than a side table, as it can hold many more things in the same amount of floor space.
  • Old clothing and unused appliances take up precious square footage, so donate anything you no longer wear or use to charity or hold a garage sale.

Dining Room Displays
Besides providing ample storage for fine china, linens, silverware and crystal, dining room furniture also offers surfaces that can be used for serving or display. American Furniture Company's dining room collections feature fine woods, veneers, metals and stone, all designed for practical function.

Maximizing Bedroom Space
Bedrooms are one of the most popular places to keep clothing, linens and other personal belongings. Here are ideas for utilizing that space most efficiently:

  • Think of the area under the bed as “deep storage” for infrequently used seasonal items: sports gear, linens, tablecloths and clothing. Plastic containers, long flat boxes, and special sweater/garment bags offer easy access to your possessions, and are much less expensive than built-in storage units or custom-designed closets. A bed skirt will keep stored items from view.
  • Invest in an armoire, one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you’ll ever own. In addition to storing sweaters, blankets, pillows and other bulky items, armoires can be utilized as entertainment centers, accommodating TVs, VCRs, and stereo equipment. Does your bedroom double as a home office? Armoires can keep office supplies accessible, and computers, printers, and fax machines neatly out of sight.
  • Use nightstands with drawers for concealed storage—and fill them with pens, note cards, tissues, reading material, eyeglasses, phone books or clothing. Place nightstands on both sides of the bed to organize items for two people.
  • Hang tie racks, shoe shelves, and mirrors inside closet doors. Look for furniture with special features, like hooks placed on the inside of doors for hanging ties and belts.
  • Store games, needlework, magazines and toys in a trunk or a storage ottoman. Use the top of the trunk to display baskets, plants, bowls or a vase of flowers.

Small Space Solutions
If you live in a tiny apartment, and your closets are overflowing, finding ingenious ways to use space can often provide extra storage. For example:

  • Store sports equipment in plain sight—hang bikes on a wall, place skis and poles above a bed, or suspend a surfboard from the ceiling.
  • No room for your pots and pans? Hang designer cookware on a pot rack and show it off.
  • Keep out-of-season clothing or holiday decorations inside stored luggage.
  • Place shelves or cabinets high up on walls to hold items that are used infrequently.
  • Use folding screens to hide clutter. They offer privacy as well as add personality to your living space.




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